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Microfiber Cloth for Cornerscope

Microfiber Cloth for Cornerscope

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Keep Your Cornerscope Pristine with Our Premium Microfiber Cloth

Ensure your Cornerscope remains in top condition with our high-quality microfiber cloth. Designed for both functionality and style, this cloth is debossed with our signature wings logo and is the perfect accessory for maintaining your tactical gear.

What's Included:

  • Microfiber Cloth: A thick, high-quality microfiber cloth measuring 15mm x 15mm, specifically designed to keep your Cornerscope mirrors clean and aid in the installation and removal of the scope without touching the mirrors.

Key Features:

Premium Quality: This microfiber cloth is crafted from high-grade materials, ensuring it is thick, durable, and effective at cleaning. Its high absorbency and gentle texture make it ideal for maintaining the clarity and precision of your Cornerscope mirrors.

Debossed Wings Logo: Featuring our signature wings logo debossed into the fabric, this cloth not only performs well but also looks great as part of your tactical gear setup.

Perfect Size: At 15mm x 15mm, this cloth is the perfect size for handling and cleaning your Cornerscope. Its compact dimensions make it easy to carry and store with your other tactical accessories.

Safe and Effective: Use this microfiber cloth to safely clean your Cornerscope mirrors, ensuring optimal performance and visibility. It is also ideal for handling the scope during installation and removal, preventing fingerprints and smudges on the mirrors.

Multi-Purpose Use: While designed for the Cornerscope, this versatile cloth is also perfect for cleaning other delicate equipment, optics, and surfaces, making it a valuable addition to your tactical toolkit.

Why You Need It:

Maintain Optimal Performance: Keep your Cornerscope mirrors spotless and ensure clear reflections, enhancing your tactical advantage.

Safe Handling: Use the cloth for installing and removing the Cornerscope without touching the mirrors, preventing damage and maintaining cleanliness.

Stylish and Functional: The debossed wings logo adds a touch of style to your gear, while the high-quality material ensures effective cleaning and maintenance.


  • Law enforcement operations
  • Military missions
  • Tactical training 
  • Personal defense scenarios

Order your Microfiber Cloth for Cornerscope today and keep your scope in pristine condition!

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