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Cornerscope PR Box

Cornerscope PR Box

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Cornerscope PR Box

Showcase Tactical Innovation with the PR Box Cornerscope Kit

Introducing the PR Box Cornerscope Kit, the ultimate package for tactical professionals and influencers looking to showcase cutting-edge tactical technology. This exclusive kit not only highlights the innovative Cornerscope but also provides essential accessories to enhance your experience and presentation.

What's Included:

  • Cornerscope: The star of the show, the Cornerscope, by Reflectoscope, features an ingenious one-piece design made with marine-grade stainless steel holding two mirrors set at 45 degrees, allowing users to see and shoot around corners without direct exposure. Ideal for advanced, safe combat operations.

  • Pelican Box: A robust Pelican Box offers premium protection for your Cornerscope and its accessories. This durable case ensures your equipment remains secure and in top condition during transport and storage, making it perfect for on-the-go professionals.

  • Riser Rail: The Riser Rail included in the kit provides optimal elevation for the Cornerscope, enhancing its operational capabilities. Perfect for demonstrations and creating engaging, informative content.

  • Extra Set of Front Surface Mirrors: A set of high-quality front surface mirrors specifically designed for the Cornerscope, providing clear and precise reflections. Essential for showcasing the Cornerscope’s functionality and versatility. An additional set is included for convenience and extended use, ensuring you always have a backup ready.

  • Silicone Cover: A slip-on slip-off silicone cover to conceal the Cornerscope when not in use, preventing detection and keeping your tactical advantage hidden, all while protecting the scope and mirrors from damage.

  • Flex Fit Hat: A one-size-fits-all Flex Fit hat with thick embroidery, providing a stylish and comfortable accessory for any tactical enthusiast. Features a Red Wings Logo on the front and "Shoot Around Corners" on the back.

  • Tactical God T-Shirt: Included in the kit is a Tactical God T-shirt, combining comfort with a bold statement, perfect for any proud tactical gear user.

Key Features:

  1. Innovative Reflectoscope Technology: The Cornerscope's dual mirrors provide a clear line of sight around obstacles, allowing you to maintain visual contact and target acquisition while staying safely behind cover.

  2. Durable Construction: Constructed from marine-grade stainless steel, the Cornerscope is designed to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. The rugged build ensures durability and reliability in any environment.

  3. Enhanced Situational Awareness: Effectively clear rooms, corridors, and other tight spaces without exposing yourself to potential threats. The Cornerscope enhances your situational awareness and tactical decision-making, giving you the upper hand in any confrontation.

  4. Comprehensive Kit: The PR Box Cornerscope Kit includes all the essential components to ensure maximum operational efficiency, including the Pelican Box for superior protection, the Riser Rail for optimal elevation, an extra set of front surface mirrors for extended use, and stylish, functional accessories to complement your tactical gear.


  • Law enforcement operations
  • Military missions
  • Tactical training
  • Personal defense scenarios
  • Tactical demonstrations and content creation

Unbox the PR Box Cornerscope Kit and experience the pinnacle of tactical innovation. This exclusive package is designed to help you create impactful, high-quality content that highlights the advanced capabilities of the Cornerscope.

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